Now you can also catch your own cod!

Deep sea fishing is easier that you may think. You do not even need your own angling equipment to catch an amazing and tasteful cod from the Baltic Sea. You will get everything what you need for deep sea fishing, and, what is most important – you will have a great chance for successful fishing!

We have been organizing Cod Fishing Trips for many years now. We use high technology electronic equipment for locating fish schools.  We have got passion, knowledge and experience which guarantee successful fishing as well as a great marine adventure.

We have got two fast and well-equipped boats – Orion One and Orion Two, each of them is of 19 meters in length. They are equipped with two 400 HP VOLVO PENTA engines with maximum speed of 23 knots.  A heated mesa provides a comfortable shelter during the trip.

Welcome to cod fishing!  Enjoy the cod fishing trip with us!